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AirGround: a mission-oriented coordination framework for teams of mobile aerial and terrestrial smart objects


Very recently, the paradigm of Internet of Mobile Things (IoMT) in which the smart things can be moved or can move autonomously, and yet remain accessible and controllable remotely, has gained a great attention in the research community. In this context, the paper proposes and investigates a novel framework to support the management and the collaboration of Mobile Smart Objects (MSOs) considered as terrestrial and aerial drones (i.e., UAVs, UGVs). MSOs are equipped with embedded sensors and/or actuators that can move autonomously remaining always connected, accessible and controllable.

AirGround  (communication and coordination framework to support collaboration and coordination beetwen smart objects) allows the programming and management of smart drones  and  the  coordination of teams of drones according to a mission-oriented paradigm. Coordination is dynamically enabled by specific executive parameters and system conditions (i.e., residual energy, computational power, abilities offered by specific on board sensors). To evaluate the effective- ness and the reliability of the proposed framework, a real testbed was realized using off-the-shelf drones.


Here is a video-demo of our system.


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